VSL Pro LLC. is a firm built on principles you can trust...

VSL Pro provides broadcast and industrial quality video, audio and lighting equipment. We design, install and service your professional AV systems. We are client focused and provide AV services  for churches, educational facilities, entertainment, government, business and a variety of other venues.


All great venues start with great sound. We design and install with the best components we can find. We source choice manufactures that we have a high confidence in. We pride ourselves in designing robust and rich sounding systems that satisfy the high expectations of our clients.


From multi-screen video to LED walls we can make it happen.

Our desire is to unleash a palette for you to create upon.  From subtle to dramatic we can suite your needs with precision and passion.


Nothing adds to experience like well designed and controlled lighting. Whether you are setting up proper key lighting for a speaker or lighting up the platform for a music set, lighting is the key that sets it off and leaves the impression of connection with the audience.

We love what we do and have fun doing it! We believe that everything we do represents who we are and ultimately bears our signature. We are committed to flawless execution and the highest level of customer service.


Designed by VSL Pro, Engineered to Last.

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